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Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 took full effect in January 2005. It gives anyone the right to request any information held by a ‘public authority’ as defined by the Act. See: ‘ Your Right to Know: using the Freedom of Information Act to get access to information held by Norfolk County Council’.

Some definitions

Information means anything that is recorded - on paper, computer, microfilm, video or sound recording, and held by a public authority.

Public authority includes all local authorities, state schools, companies wholly owned by a public authority (which includes Norfolk County Services, NPS Property Consultants Ltd), the NHS, and national institutions like the BBC.

If you want information

You can get information from Libraries, Council Information Centres, our Customer Service Centre, and the Norfolk Record Office.

You can also request information that has not previously been made freely available by us. To make a valid request under the Freedom of Information Act, the request:

    • must be made in writing

    • must include the name of the person requesting the information

    • must include an address for correspondence

    • should clearly describe what information is being requested – Council staff may be able to help you to do this.

Your request doesn’t have to mention the Freedom of Information Act and you don’t have to tell us why you want the information, but the more details you can give us the more quickly we are likely to find what you want.

If you require information under the Freedom of Information Act, please would you address your request to:

Freedom of Information Officer, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, Shirehall, Market Avenue, Norwich, NR1 3JQ

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