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Flag Flying Policy

1. Norwich Castle is a local government building belonging to the City of Norwich. The City provides an annual list of formal and/or ceremonial occasions when either the Union flag or the St George’s flag will be flown.

2. List of days to fly flags on government buildings from 0800 - sunset:

20th Jan

birthday Countess of Wessex

6th Feb

Her Majesty's Accession

19th Feb

birthday Duke of York

10th March

birthday Earl of Wessex

11th March

Commonwealth Day (2nd Monday)

21st April

birthday of Her Majesty the Queen

23rd April

St Georges Day

9th May

Europe Day

2nd June

Coronation Day

15th June

Official celebration of Her Majesty's birthday

15th Aug

birthday Princess Royal

9th Nov

Remembrance Day ( usually 2nd Sunday)

14th Nov

birthday Prince of Wales

20th Nov

Her Majesty's wedding Day

3. Other formal requests may be received from the City of Norwich to fly the Union flag or another official flag for a particular anniversary of celebration.

4. On all other days it is the policy of the NMAS to fly the Norwich Castle corporate logo flag.

5. Any variation to the above schedule must be agreed by the NMAS’ Museums Management Team.

6. On occasion the NMAS may wish to fly an alternative flag to promote a particular activity, such as an exhibition. This should only be approved under exceptional circumstances in order to maintain respect for the important commemorative function of flying a flag from the Castle battlements.

7. Requests from the public to fly flags on additional days must be considered by the NMAS’ Museums Management Team. If the request relates to a formal or ceremonial occasion, advice will be sought from the City of Norwich.

Approved by NMAS MMT 2005