NORFOLK Museums Service


Click on the links below for curriculum-based teachers’ packs, trails and worksheets to support your visit to Norfolk’s museums.

Living history events (KS1&2, Gressenhall, Norwich Castle and Time and Tide)

Victorian costumes and packed lunch

Evacuee costumes and packed lunch | Evacuee label pattern | Gas Mask box pattern

Cross-curricular teachers pack (KS2)

Romans, including Romans in Norfolk (KS2 teachers’ cross-curricular pack)


Homes Long Ago | Seaside Holidays in the Past (KS1 resource packs)

Local History | Victorian Times (KS2 resource packs)

Great Yarmouth

Time and Tide

Great Yarmouth in WWII (KS2 resource pack)

Seaside Holidays (KS1&2 information for teachers)

Seaside Holidays (KS1&2 Gallery Trail)

Romans and Burgh Castle (KS2 resource pack)


Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell

Museum Trail (KS1&2) | Machines Trail (KS1&2) | Machines Trail (KS1&2 teachers notes)

Strangers’ Hall

Houses and Homes (KS1 trail) | Toys (KS1 worksheets) | Life in the 1660s (KS1 resource pack)

Tudors (KS2 teachers’ notes and worksheets) | Victorians (KS2 worksheets)

Norwich Castle

Castle Keep (KS2 trail) | Castle Keep (KS3 trail) | Natural History (KS1 trail) | Boudica (KS2 trail) | Egyptians (KS2 trail) | Saxons and Vikings (KS2 trail) | First World War (KS2 trail) | First World War (KS3 trail) | First World War (KS2&3 trails teacher notes) | KS2 Number Safari (Maths trail)

Fine Art

Looking at Portraits (KS1&2, resource pack) | Looking at Landscapes (KS1&2, resource pack) | Decorative Arts (KS1,2,3&4 resource pack) | GCSE Art Natural Forms | GCSE Art Personal Identity

Decorative Arts Gallery Trails

KS1 Decorative Arts Trail | KS2 Animals and Materials | KS3&4 Patterns | KS3&4 Messages and Identity

Take One (National Gallery programme) at Norwich Castle

Take One Information for Teachers

Norwich River, Afternoon by John Crome
Norwich River, Afternoon - image of painting
| Norwich River, Afternoon - resource pack

The Paston Treasure (artist unknown)
The Paston Treasure – image of painting
| The Paston Treasure - resource pack | Paston Treasure - treasure hunt

The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary (artist unknown)
The Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary - image of triptych
| The Seven Sorrows of Mary - resource pack

Attending a Family Learning Numeracy Course is what encouraged me to get a job…It gave me the confidence.

We had a broad spectrum of ability (amongst the pupils) and the visit catered for all of these and gave us a few surprises – i.e. the children who asked and answered questions were not necessarily the ones we expected.