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Pro-glacial thrusting at Sidestrand

Field Guide to NE Norfolk


Trimingham CliffsThe coast of North East Norfolk offers excellent opportunities for the study of glacial geology, wildlife and landscape in Norfolk before the Ice Age and exposures of the youngest Chalk in Britian.

There is a rich although sometimes confusing bibliography and the area has produced many important collections. Norfolk's proximity to both the South East and the Midlands means it is a popular destination for schools and universities. Holidaymakers too enjoy its charms and they would be well advised to call at Cromer Museum to find out about the area and it's geology. From time to time the museum runs beach walks, especially to West Runton and Trimingham. You can check the events programme now on the website of the Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service.

This fieldguide is broken into sections of coastline, starting in the west and moving eastwards. Click on the links at the bottom of the lefthand navigation bar.

Text and photographs 1985-2002 by Martin Warren BSc AMA

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