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Bronze Age

Our outstanding Bronze Age collection is of national importance. It reflects the prominence of northern East Anglia as one of the major metalworking areas, especially in the Late Bronze Age.

Bronze Age shield, from Sutton, NorfolkThere are some outstanding individual items including a Bronze Age ceremonial shield from Sutton. Numerous examples of Bronze Age gold jewellery, include rare bar torcs from Sculthorpe, Foulsham and Holkham, penannular rings, a set of composite rings from Gresham, and hoards of bracelets and 'dress-fasteners' from Foxley and Caister-on-Sea. The earliest gold objects from a barrow burial at Little Cressingham belong to a group rare outside Wessex. These objects show the area to have been one of considerable wealth at that time.

There are also seventeen hoards of axes and weapons, reflecting local varieties of individual metal types from within this region. They cover the Early to Late Bronze Age and embrace the full range of categories, containing tools, weapons and ornaments. These include the group of 141 socketed axes from Foulsham and similar deposits from Gorleston and North Elmham, the latter having been excavated. Bronze Age ceramics include Collared Urns from the Witton Wood barrow burial excavation.

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