NORFOLK Museums Service
A lichen (Lobaria pulmonaria) from the herbarium

Plant Collections

Lanceolate SpleenwortThe botany collections include a main herbarium of 50,000 vascular plants, mostly local material but also containing exchange specimens from elsewhere in Britain, and smaller collections from abroad. The better-known naturalists whose material is incorporated into the herbarium include J.D.Salmon, J.Paget, H.G.Glasspoole, H.D.Geldart, A.Geldart, F.Long and E.L.Swann.

Lichens number over 10,000 specimens, making this one of the largest collections outside the national herbaria. Most of the specimens are from Britain, but there are many packets from Europe and Japan as well. The main collectors associated with the lichen collection are A.Mayfield, P.W.Lambley and S.A.Manning. Mosses and fungi are well represented by important local collections from E.A.Ellis, H.Howard, C.P.Petch and E.L.Swann. Marine and freshwater algae are less well represented, but include some historically important diatom slides made by F.Kitton, and three types of more recently described species from K.B.Clarke. There is also a seed collection, a collection of galls and other deformations, and a collection of plant products - wood, fibres and fruit.

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