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Norfolk Gazetteer

A Gazetteer of Norfolk Place names

This Gazetteer is an alphabetical list of all of the names and many of the features indicated on the Ordnance Survey 1:25000 (about 2.5 inches to 1 mile) First Series maps that cover the county of Norfolk.

The list includes the names of settlements, civil parishes, farms, roads, rivers and many other features. The majority of unnamed features such as gravel pits, springs, fords, weirs and windmills are also listed. Some relatively trivial features, such as AA boxes and mile stones, have been omitted from the list.

The gazetteer includes over 15,000 entries. Each entry consists of the name or identity of the feature, usually followed by the name of the civil parish in which the feature occurs, followed by a 4 figure grid reference. This grid reference is the one kilometre square in which the initial letter of the name or caption of the feature is found.

By copying the grid reference into the search box in the Ordnance Survey “Get-a-map” site it is usually possible to see the feature on the current 1:25000 maps. Occasionally this will not work, because the first and second series maps differ in the features that are named on the maps.

The Gazetteer was prepared by R.J. Driscoll and P.M. Hewitt and was first published in 1999 by Norfolk Museums Service.

To buy a printed copy of the Gazetteer, please write a cheque payable to 'Norfolk County Council' for £5 (price includes p&p) and send together with your name and address to:

Natural History Department, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, Shirehall, Market Avenue, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 3JQ

Note: Payment must be in pounds Sterling.