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Artist in Residence

Dan Morgan, artist and volunteer at Ancient House was Artist in Residence at the Museum for a fortnight in the summer of 2014. He was inspired by the writing of Sir Thomas Browne in his work "Urne Buriall" of 1658. Here you can see some of his artwork produced during his residency.

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“Urne Buriall” - Artist’s statement

Having toyed with the idea of producing works of art based around Sir Thomas Browne’s book for many years, this two week’s residency in the Ancient House Museum has not only given me the ideal opportunity, but has proved a wholly apt environment in which to produce some artwork that melds together my own interests in Art, Archaeology and Literature.

Browne, though not a native of Norfolk, delighted himself in many aspects of its history, customs and wildlife. In memorable Seventeenth Century English he meditated on the burial customs of the past, and the nature of man’s mortality; sparked by the discovery of cremation urns in Walsingham.

I have chosen a number of quotes from both the preface and the five short chapters of the book, and sought to add images that hopefully are both evocative, and archaeologically based – I have been working in a Museum after all!

As these mixed media pictures have developed I have incorporated more hand written quotations than I initially intended, but hopefully both words and pictures can spark the viewers’ interest and imagination.

If these pictures can introduce more people to this intriguing little book, they will, I think, have been successful.

Daniel Morgan, August 2014