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Rosie Redzia has been artist in residence at Lynn Museum since July 2015. During her residency she has been working with the museum’s reserve collection. Rosie has worked with a wide range of objects including material from the archaeology, social history and ethnography collections. Each week Rosie is presented with an object and creates her artistic response in under two hours using a variety of mediums.

“Working with the museum collections has ignited my interest in local history and enabled me to develop an affinity with my own family’s past. The project has allowed me to spend time looking at objects up close. I have been able to appreciate the items in a more personal way. It’s interesting to consider the story behind them and the people that owned them or made them. One of my favourite studies was the wattle and daub. I was fascinated by the traces left by the maker, their thumbprint forever preserved in the clay. I have tried to capture these stories in my artwork.” – Rosie Redzia, August 2016

Here you can see some of the art work Rosie has produced during her residency.

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Did not realise there was such a great museum on our doorstep. Brilliant!