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Lynn Museum has a changing programme of exciting temporary exhibitions.

The Pentney Brooches: exciting loan from the British Museum

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For a limited time only, two of the extraordinary Pentney brooches will be on display at Lynn Museum.

These silver brooches were found in 1977 when a grave was being dug in Pentney churchyard. At the time, neither their age nor their value was recognised and they were left in the church parish chest. A few years later the brooches were brought into Norwich Castle Museum where they were identified as dating from the Anglo-Saxon period and of great rarity and archaeological importance.

The display will run through to 14 May 2017.

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LITTLE LIVES: Snapshots of Childhood 1800 to the Present Day – opens 24 September, until 11 June 2017

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What are your memories of childhood? What were your schooldays like? What childhood games did you like to play?

This new exhibition at the Lynn Museum touches on the stories of childhood over the last two centuries. Childhood objects from the museum collections together with photographs and paintings offer snapshots of the changing experience of childhood.

We have chosen four local children from the last 200 years to illustrate Little Lives. Visitors are invited to consider how life as a child has changed over this period.

Our first child is Beatrice Monement. She was a child in the 1850s and 1860s, one of a large family. She used a dolls house made by her father and played the games of croquet and chess with her sister. The Monement family dolls house is on show as well as a photograph of Beatrice’s mother and brother at the woodworking bench where the dolls house was made. Beatrice’s uncle was William Bolding, an early pioneer of photography in Norfolk and on display in the museum is a selection of family photographs by Bolding.

Our second child is Elaine Lowerison. She was a child in the 1900s and 1910s. Elaine went to the Ruskin School in Heacham and enjoyed their creative approach to learning. On display are portraits of Elaine and her brother Gordon together with photographs and ephemera from the museum collections to help tell the story of this unconventional school.

Ian, Mike, David and Alastair Breen grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. The Breen brothers went to King Edward VII Grammar School in King’s Lynn and have kindly supplied the Museum with their recollections of the time. These include memories of working at Lin-Can, the cannery in King’s Lynn as a holiday job and playing Cowboys and Indians in the woods. On display is a school uniform worn by Ian Breen from the 1960s complete with cap, blazer and tie.

Emma Morse was a child in the 1990s and 2000s. She recalls the excitement of newly published Harry Potter books and films and her time as a Brownie. To go with this most recent section we have assembled a collection of toys and games of the period including Pokemon Monopoly, a Game Boy and Beanie Babies.

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