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Lynn Museum has a changing programme of exciting temporary exhibitions.

New Exhibition at Lynn Museum: ‘King’s Lynn on the Map’

27 April 2013 to 25 January 2014

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A new exhibition opens at the Lynn Museum on Saturday 27th April which looks at the town’s story using maps from the museum collections together with photographs, watercolours and a selection of objects not normally on display.

The display will include a doll’s house from the museum collection dating from 1740. This is a scale model of number 27 King Street, King’s Lynn and was recently displayed in a major doll’s house exhibition at the Hague in the Netherlands.

Also on display are examples of maps dating from the 18th and 19th centuries together with a drawn copy of the earliest map showing King’s Lynn dating to 1588. These maps illustrate the growth and changes seen by the town over the centuries including the improving work of the Paving Commissioners in the early 19th century when the typical brown brick buildings with rounded corners of much of the old town were put in place.

A pubs map marking places licensed to sell alcohol from 1892 is a map with a purpose, designed to make a political point and discourage consumption of wine beer and spirits. A copy of a Goad plan from 1975 is a different sort of map showing all the shops and other businesses in the town centre at the time and will be reminiscent of the period for many local people.

The exhibition includes aerial photographs of King’s Lynn which show the town before the redevelopment of the centre in the 1960s and early 1970s. Maps and Aerial photographs were used to create the town model on display representing the town at the time. Aerial photographs were also used to create the ‘Discover King’s Lynn’ map used today to encourage visitors to come to Lynn and enjoy the town’s attractions.

A section of the display uses a geological map to tell the story of the area thousands of years ago when mammoths roamed East Anglia. A mammoth tusk from the museum collection will be shown together with other prehistoric specimens.

Did not realise there was such a great museum on our doorstep. Brilliant!

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