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Norwich Castle

The Castle Keep

Enter the keep through the Bigod Arch, the original entrance to the Royal Palace, and see elaborate carvings in the stonework. Explore the garderobes (five ‘four-berth’ toilets), walk around part of the original fighting gallery and descend a 900 year old spiral staircase.

Find out what life was like in the Norman keep through touch screens and computer animation. Peep through the windows of a giant model of the keep and see King Henry I and his courtiers at a 'crown-wearing feast' in 1121 when he spent Christmas in Norwich.

Walk round a special display about life at the Castle when it was a prison and read original graffiti made by prisoners. Feast your eyes on impressive displays of Norwich Silver and the Norwich Civic Regalia. Say hello to 'Snap', our famous snapdragon, who was once part of the Norwich's historic pageantry. See him set against a colourful re-creation of a medieval street scene.

In the keep basement, models show what the Castle looked like when it was being built. Try the hands-on exhibits to understand the challenges facing the Norman masons and architects.

New Displays: Making Norman Connections

Find out more about Norwich Castle's Norman origins. On the Keep main floor see new arms and armour interpretation, a fabulous new throne area and a refurbishment of the popular keep model alongside a computerised reconstruction. Experience vibrant replica Norman interiors in the original chapel space and Bigod Tower entrance on the keep balcony. A wonderful array of medieval objects, including loans from the British Museum, are also on show.

Norman Connections is a partnership project linking Norwich Castle with Norman heritage sites in England and Normandy, France. Professionals at Norwich, Colchester, Rochester, Hastings, Caen and Falaise castles, the Bayeux Tapestry Museum and Calvados Tourism are working together to explore their shared Norman past. Norman Connections has been selected under the European cross-border cooperation programme Interreg IV A France (Channel) – England, co-funded by the ERDF.

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The watercolour gallery is amazing, the colours are so fresh. For someone living in Manchester I did not realise what an extensive collection of pictures you have.

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