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Battlements and DungeonsTour

Battlements experience

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Climb the 62 steps of the Norman staircase and enjoy a 360° canvas of uninterrupted views high above Norwich.

See the sites associated with Robert Kett’s 16th century rebellion, a fight for the rights of Norfolk’s poor that ended with Kett hanged alive in chains from these very battlements.

Observe local landmarks such as the Norman cathedral, St Peter Mancroft church, the market and The Forum as never before.

Click on the image to enjoy a taste of the views on offer, captured by Elliott Mulhall of Elmulgraphic

Dungeon tours

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Descend into the bowels of Norwich Castle and feel the prickle of fear as the hairs rise on the back of your neck …

Imagine yourself as one of the unlucky souls, forced to live in chains in the cold and dark, unsure of the fate awaiting you.

See the spot where a prisoner was crushed; hear about the crimes of times gone by and examine instruments of torture and punishment like the ducking stool, scold’s bridle and gibbet iron.

Check out the plaster-cast heads of executed criminals and hear about the pseudo-science of phrenology – a movement popular in the Victorian era, which claimed your whole character could be read by the bumps on your head!

Fighting Gallery tours

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New to Norwich Castle, this exciting experience leads you through the mysterious space of the fighting gallery high above the castle keep. Join our costumed knight for a journey through the Castle’s defensive past and learn how the Castle survived under siege.

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Price and additional information

Adult: £3.70
Concession: £3.50
Child (5-18 years): £3
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Norwich Castle also offers Shirehall Courtroom Tours and Curator tours of the Castle Keep. For more information on these experiences, please give us a call 01603 495897/493625.

Please note that The Battlements, Dungeons and Fighting Gallery Tours are only available with the purchase of a general admission ticket. Dungeon tours are not suitable for young children under the age of 5 and the Battlements and Fighting Gallery tours are not suitable for those under the age of 8. Due to uneven floors and stair access they are also unsuitable for people with mobility difficulties.

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The watercolour gallery is amazing, the colours are so fresh. For someone living in Manchester I did not realise what an extensive collection of pictures you have.