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The Royal Norfolk Regimental Museum is now open in its new home at the heart of Norwich Castle.

The history of the Royal Norfolk Regiment is the history of young men, at the most impressionable time in their lives, experiencing the most extraordinary and challenging circumstances. Their stories are brought to life in new permanent displays, with first hand accounts of action in the First and Second World Wars and National Service.

Collections include army uniform, kit, personal letters and diaries reflecting the daily lives of soldiers in both peacetime and wartime. Visitors can also take a digital journey through the Regiment’s history via an interactive timeline, opening up access to the collections and archives at the touch of a button.

Archive letters and documents are used to dramatise the experiences of the men who fought on the frontline in the First World War in a selection of audio presentations. There are letters from local lad Sidney Smith, who has to break the devastating news to his mother that his brother is missing in action. Norwich architect Cecil Upcher not only wrote to his fiancée Hilda, but also sent her sketches of the trenches and dug-outs he stayed in.

Regimental veterans who saw service in Korea, Northern Ireland and the Middle East have helped with the interpretation in the new displays, sharing their memories of Army life. Serving soldiers were drafted in to talk to curators about their experiences of modern warfare and about kit, clothes, and food – all essential elements of life in the Army.

Gallantry and service medals are displayed, along with details about the men who won them. Amongst these is the Victoria Cross awarded to Major David Jamieson for commanding his troops who were coming under attack from Nazi forces, during a battle following the D-Day landings.

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