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You’ll find a wealth of collections in our museums illustrating all aspects of Norfolk life, heritage and environment. They make a great day out for families, schools or anyone wishing to find out about our county.

Look out for...

  • Mosasaur skull and lower jaw

    Replica Mosasaur skull and lower jaw

    Mosasaurs were giant carnivorous marine reptiles, distantly related to dinosaurs. This species swam in the seas here in Norfolk some 80 million years ago. Discover the fossil at Cromer Museum.

  • Roman Helmut

    Roman Helmet

    This Roman helmet dates from 250-300AD. It is a ‘parade’ or ‘sports’ helmet used by cavalrymen for displays and tournaments rather than at war. It is made of thin brass sheet beaten into shape and gilded. It can be found on display in Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery.

  • Ostrich Egg

    Ostrich egg

    This unusual egg from the late 19th century is incised with two images of square rigged sailing ships and a British red and white flag. It is on display in Time & Tide.

  • Trousers from 1800

    Trousers from 1800

    Imagine the teenage labourer that wore them and the mother that lovingly mended them. They were found stuffed up a chimney, possibly to stop witches from flying into the house. Find them in the main hall of Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse.

  • Bust of Roman Emperor Tiberius

    Bust of Roman Emperor Tiberius

    This bust once stood on top of Thetford's theatre to welcome theatre goers two hundred years ago. The plays took place during Assize Week when the town came to life around the criminal trials and punishments. On display in Ancient House.

  • Roller Skates

    Roller Skates

    These early predecessors of the modern roller skate have two large, spoked wheels with rubber tyres. They caused a craze in the 1920s and in London many people commuted to work in them! See them on display in the Lynn Museum.


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I am absolutely thrilled. I could never in a thousand years imagine that I could be fortunate enough to find a fossil and have it identified.

…I would say that Norfolk Museums Service is one of the best county museum services in the country and it’s doing a great service to the people and visitors of Norfolk.