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Spong Man

Spong Man

This Anglo-Saxon figure is thought to date from around 500-600AD.

It was found at Spong Hill in Norfolk.

‘Spong Man’ is one of a kind, unique in north-western Europe. It is a ceramic sculpture, approximately 14cm high and brownish grey in colour. Very little is known about ‘Spong Man’. Experts can’t even be sure ‘he’ is male. The figure is believed to be the lid of a pagan funerary urn.

‘Spong Man’ is sitting on a chair with his elbows on his knees, cupping his face in his hands. His face is tilted upwards and he seems to be wearing a round, flat hat. His arms and body have been broken and repaired.

The chair is decorated with carved lines and rests on a hollow circular base. The rim of this base is carved with diagonal lines.