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The Egyptians – History

When people think of Egyptian history they often think of the pyramids or of the burial of Tutankhamun. They may not realise how much time separates the two. In fact, the pyramids were built over one thousand years before Tutankhamun became pharaoh.

Egypt also inspired one of the first historians, a Greek called Herodotus. He wrote his history of Egypt over two thousand years ago.

Egyptian history can seem very complicated, because it covers such a long time. Egyptologists have split the time up into different sections to try to make it easier to understand. These sections have different names. The three main periods are called kingdoms, this is a useful name for the times when Egypt was stable and ruled by strong rulers. In between these are times when Egypt was not so stable - these times fall between the kingdoms and are called intermediate periods. During these times the country was often split up and ruled by more than one ruler. You may also see the word dynasty - this simply means family. Each new family that ruled is known as a dynasty.

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