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Snow Bunting Nest (Plectrophenax nivalis)

NWHCM: 2007.311.6

Snow Bunting nest containing three eggs, from the far North of Canada. Body materials: grass stems and fur. Lining materials: feathers and grass stems. Collected by Richard Shingleton whilst on the last expedition in search of Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin in 1859.

Snow Bunting NestIn 1857 Lady Jane Franklin sponsored Captain Sir Francis Leopold McClintock to search for her husband who had gone missing in the Arctic along with the rest of his expedition team whilst charting the Northwest Passage in 1845. McClintock took command of the yacht the Fox and eventually found evidence of Sir John Franklin’s death in 1859.

The Fox became icebound at Port Kennedy (Nunavut, Canada) on the 28th September 1858. Whilst a party searched overland for Franklin, a few of the crew stayed behind with the Fox. Dr David Walker (Surgeon and Naturalist) was in charge of the ship and would often go to a nearby mountain (later named Mount Walker) in search of plants and animals. It seams very likely that Richard Shingleton (Officers’ Steward) collected the Snow Bunting nest and eggs on or near Mount Walker in July 1859.

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