A major partner museum

NMAS is one of only sixteen major partner museums funded directly by Arts Council England.

NMAS gratefully acknowledges this important support which is worth just under £4m for the three year period 2012-15.

What is a major partner museum?

Since 2002, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has invested in museums and archives through the Renaissance funding programme. Renaissance achieved a great deal – raising standards in museums across England, increasing visitor numbers and helping museums become fit for the 21st century.

NMAS was lead partner of the East of England Museum Hub, a group of the four largest museum services in the region, through which the regional Renaissance programme was delivered.

Following the abolition of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) which had overseen the scheme, Renaissance was re-structured, with the Arts Council assuming responsibility for museum development in 2011. For the first time Renaissance grants were awarded for a three year period via an open application system against published criteria.

The successful museums were accorded major partner museum status. The awards were made in the context of Arts Council England’s strategic goals set out in Culture, Knowledge and Understanding: great museums and libraries for everyone.

NMAS is delighted that the service’s outstanding collections and track record of delivering great experiences for visitors has been rewarded by this sustained investment.

For more information go to the Arts Council England website.

Who benefits?

Together with vital support from Norfolk County Council and other local authorities in the county, the major partner museum funding means the service can continue to be ambitious and outward-looking.

Our successful bid to the Arts Council combined an emphasis on public benefit with the aim of making the service as efficient and resilient as possible. Key elements include:

  • Major exhibitions: Including a new display for Norwich Castle Keep, Gateway to Medieval England with loans from the British Museum, and a major exhibition on The Wonder of Birds
  • Digital services: Development of web resources and effective use of social media to engage virtual audiences
  • Development of commercial activities: Activities to increase earned income including improvements to retail, catering and venue hire
  • The Teaching Museum: A service-wide initiative to establish NMAS as the country’s first teaching museum with the aim of developing a workforce for the future
  • Youth engagement: The development of more opportunities for young people to actively engage with our museums, including devising and delivering events.

What is funding delivering?

For more information on how Arts Council funding is enabling the service to improve delivery and engage more people, click on the single page case studies in the section below. For a more in-depth overview, click on the Curator and Learning Reports for 2012-13.




Leadership and workforce:

Children and Young People: