Museum development

In addition to major partner museum funding, NMAS has been awarded significant funding from Arts Council England to lead on museum development for the region.

NMAS is one of only nine partners nationally to receive funding from the Arts Council to provide professional support, advice and guidance to museums to raise standards across the sector. NMAS has been awarded £1.14m over the next three years for this important work which is being delivered through the SHARE Museums East programme.

SHARE Museums East

Since 2009, SHARE Museums East has established a track record of working successfully with museums through its innovative approach to skills sharing, delivering training and support to hundreds of museum staff and volunteers.

In 2011-12 SHARE Museums East, under NMAS’s leadership, worked with 79% (135) of the region’s Accredited museums. It has also led on a number of initiatives under its Effective Museums programme including:

  • a project with national partners such as the British Museum and Collections Trust to improve care of collections
  • support for over 60 smaller museums in developing high quality learning opportunities to visitors
  • development of a successful programme with 20 museums to improve their recruitment and retention of volunteers.

The grant will enable NMAS, through the SHARE Museums East model, to continue to work with museums across a number of areas, with the ultimate aim of providing visitors to museums in the region with a better experience.

Plans for the next three years include:

  • improving digital access to collections
  • creating innovative touring exhibitions
  • supporting museums to better engage their trustees and developing a Young Creatives programme to involve young people in the development and delivery of museum services.

Read more at the SHARE Museums East website.