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Princess Catherine exhibition

28 October 2021 to 10 July 2022

The team at the Ancient House in Thetford has joined with Peter Bance, Sikh historian and collector to launch a new exhibition marking the life of Princess Catherine Duleep Singh on the 150th anniversary of her birth. The display will be in the Hall of the Ancient House, and will feature a newly commissioned portrait of Princess Catherine by Sikh contemporary artist InkQuisitive.

Also on display will be photographs, letters, Indian textiles and tiles which help tell the Princess’s story. Princess Catherine was a member of the royal family that had ruled the Sikh Empire of Punjab, northern India before it became part of the British Empire in 1849.

Oliver Bone, Curator at the Ancient House said: “I am pleased we have the opportunity to celebrate this remarkable woman, a member of a fascinating family that once ruled the Sikh Empire of Punjab in Northern India. Princess Catherine was a campaigner for women’s rights and assisted Jewish people escape from Nazi Germany. ”

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