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The Thetford Treasure

22 July 2021 until 30 April 2022

This display shows 11 items of the Thetford Treasure found at Gallows Hill, Thetford in 1979. The whole treasure includes 44 pieces of jewellery, 33 silver spoons and a shale jewellery box.

The Thetford Treasure was found by metal detectorists Arthur and Greta Brooks in 1979 and includes 44 pieces of jewellery and 33 silver spoons. The treasure was buried in around 390 AD when opposition to religious cults was rife. The treasure was not declared straight away so the opportunity to study the site where it was found was sadly lost. This will be the first-time items from the hoard have been on display in the town’s museum since 2008.

This special exhibition will include items such as the gold belt-buckle, a gold chain necklace, gold bracelets, gold finger rings, a pendant, a silver strainer and inscribed silver spoons. They represent exquisite workmanship both in terms of their manufacture and their decoration; many pieces detail inscriptions and depictions connected to Roman mythology. The imagery featured on some of the objects connect to Roman deities including Faunus, Bacchus and Diana.

Other objects in the exhibition highlight the importance of recording archaeological discoveries in helping us understand our past, using the Portable Antiquities Scheme. The finds on display include a large assemblage of Roman pewter and glass from a Roman temple site in Hockwold-cum-Wilton.