Handmade: Millennia of Making

Ancient House’s latest Handmade exhibition shows objects chosen from the museum’s collections to highlight the craftsmanship of making things - opening 16 December 2017

Visitors can see a selection of objects from textiles to pottery and from stone to metal and wooden items.  There will be a chance to encounter artefacts made by our ancient ancestors as well as those made by the crafters of more recent times.  Among the exhibits will be a quilt covered with stars, a mantrap used against poachers on a local estate, tools used by Stone Age people, a doll carved from wood and an intact Roman jar found just a stone’s throw from Ancient House Museum in the 1920s.

Children from the Museum’s after-school History Club have been working alongside staff over the autumn on the Handmade project.  The young people are also involved in the exhibition opening event when they will receive their Arts Awards earned this term.

Museum Curator Oliver Bone said: “It has been fascinating choosing items that illustrate the range of techniques used by people to make things.  We hope people will enjoy the objects on display and perhaps be inspired to get stuck in and make something themselves.  Over 2018 we will be focusing on crafts and handmade objects in our events programme and there will be plenty of opportunities to join in.  We are very fortunate that we already have a focus for knitting, spinning, stitching and general crafting and we would love to do more.”