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The Galleries at Cromer Museum

Browse around the Geology Gallery and see an amazing collection of fossils - all found in Norfolk. Enjoy fascinating displays revealing why Cromer is renowned as a geological area of international importance.

Find out about the famous West Runton mammoth, Britain’s oldest and most complete mammoth fossil and marvel at a cast of the skull of a Mosasaur - a huge marine reptile common in the seas that covered Norfolk over 80 million years ago.

Admire the beautiful series of portrait photographs of North Norfolk fishermen taken by Olive Edis, Norfolk’s pioneering female photographer. Her work includes a selection of autochromes – rare early 20th century colour photographs.

Step inside the cosy Victorian fisherman's cottage and imagine what it was like to live in Cromer at the end of the 19th Century.

Delve into the 'Old Cromer' Gallery with its displays of historic photographs and illustrations of the town. Discover Cromer's history as a Victorian seaside resort with its fine hotels and scandal of mixed bathing. Learn about the daring rescues of Henry Blogg and the Cromer lifeboatmen.

Further information

A Brief History Guide - The West Runton Elephant (pdf - 863kB)