Reception, key stages 1 and 2

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Cinderella Homes Long Ago Toys in the PastVictorian ChristmasTudor Christmas

Reception, key stages 1 and 2

Cinderella (reception, KS1 and KS2)

Half day, £3.50 per child

Get Cinderella to the ball and bring this classic fairytale to life in this magical event. Help her with her chores in the kitchen so that she can get ready for the ball. Learn classic dancing with the Fairy Godmother and ballroom etiquette with the mean Ugly Step-sister. Make your own Royal Ball invitations to take back to school!  

Reception and key stage 1

Homes Long Ago (reception, KS1)

Half day, £3.50 per pupil

Meet costumed characters and find out about home life in the past. Discover the delights of tin baths and Gazunders. Help cook in the kitchen and roll up your sleeves to do the washing with dolly tubs and a mangle.  

Toys in the Past (reception, KS1)

Half day, £3.50 per pupil

Investigate old toys and find out how they worked. Visit our toy room with its colourful display of toys, games and dolls. Play with original and replica toys and make a peg doll to take away.    

Key stage 2

Our Christmas events are ‘living history’ days. To enter into the spirit, we invite you to come in costume.

Victorian Christmas (KS2)

Half day, £3.50 per pupil

Step back in time as we prepare a Victorian Christmas. Help Cook make mince pies using Victorian kitchen gadgets, play parlour games and handle the toys that would have been top of children’s Christmas lists. Decorate the tree, make your own decoration to take away and finally decide if the scullery boy gets to go home for Christmas.

Tudor Christmas (KS2)

Half day, £3.50 per pupil

Join us for some Tudor merriment as the household prepares for a celebration feast. Find out about the food that will be served and how to impress with your Tudor dancing. Learn how to write with a quill pen and decide what to do with a beggar who turns up as an uninvited guest.