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The house and contents

Experience the lives of families who lived in this splendid Quayside house from Tudor to Victorian times.

  • Discover Victorian life 'upstairs and downstairs' and find out what it was really like to work in the kitchen and scullery.
  • Decide for yourself if the death of Charles I was plotted in the Conspiracy Room.
  • Dress the family in Tudor costumes.
  • Let children play in the activity packed toy room, and relax in the small, but delightful, walled garden.

The Elizabethan House holds a large and extensive collection of antique furniture dating back as far back as the 1500s and there’s an impressive art collection on display around the house.  The Victorian kitchen and scullery house items that would once have represented the cutting edge of technology and been in everyday use in the house.

You can get hands on with the Elizabethan past in the bedroom (complete with replica to try on), learn why the Conspiracy Room is so-called and find out how a Victorian maid would have completed the weekly washing.

There are lots of fun things for children to enjoy, from dressing up in Victorian costumes to visiting our toy room.  If you visit on one of our special event days, you may see the range in the kitchen being fired up or see food created to period recipes; or talk to one of the costumed characters who can be found roaming the House!

The Elizabethan House is a National Trust site managed by Norfolk Museums Service.