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Learning at Gressenhall Environment Hub

The Gressenhall Environment Hub offers a range of school events that will help you explore a wide range of environmental themes with your class covering the history, geography and science curriculums.

Please note: please contact us if you cannot find a suitable day. We will do our best to accommodate you. We are also happy to discuss with you how you would like us to tailor activities to support your needs.

For more information, enquiries and bookings please contact or call 01362 860563. 

Food and Farming (Key Stage 1)

Find out where our food comes from with an active day on the farm and in the garden. Help the farmer with the work on our traditional farm, meet the animals and see how we grow wheat to make bread. Explore our cottage garden and enjoy a drama session all about growing plants.

Full day, £6 per child

The Greatest Invention Ever! (Science and History Key Stage 2)

Where did it all go wrong? This cross-curricular activity day will visit four moments in human history when humans changed the world. Explore our collections and discover the dangerous environmental consequences of some of our greatest ideas. Your class will plough a Neolithic field, help cast a bronze age axe, harness the power of steam and explore the miraculous properties of plastics.

This day will explore the history of climate change and environmental destruction and challenge learners to think about how we can make changes that will lead to a more sustainable future.

Full day, £6 per child

Homes or Habitats? (Geography Key Stage 3)

A planning application has been made to build houses on the Gressenhall farm site. Your students must decide what is to be done. They take part in activities on both the farm and museum site, asking a local environmentalist, museum curator, the farmer and the housing developer questions and conclude by debating the development of the site at a planning enquiry. Will they back homes or habitats?

This day will help students explore environmental solutions to the housing crisis and look at how climate change will impact how we build in the future.

Full day, £6 per student

Dates available by request. Please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.