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Reception and key stage 1

Please note: please contact us if you cannot find a suitable day. We will do our best to accommodate you. We are also happy to discuss with you how you would like us to tailor activities to support your needs.

For more information, enquiries and bookings please contact or call 01362 860563.

Once Upon a Time Homes Long AgoSpring on the Farm Life in the 1950s Food and Farming The Three Little Pigs


Once Upon a Time

The Museum of Fairytales is about to open. Who has hidden all the precious objects? Can you help the curator find them all? Meet the Wicked Witch and make potions in the woods, quest with Jack to the Giant’s castle and help poor Cinders keep her cottage clean. An active day promoting communication and literacy skills.

Watch a short film about Once Upon A Time 

Full day, £6 per child

Homes Long Ago

Discover what it was like to live in Norfolk one hundred years ago with our costumed characters. The Vicar is coming to tea... can you help to make everything spick and span? Lend a hand with the cooking and make the tea in Cherry Tree Cottage. Scrub and mangle your way through old-fashioned washing in the Washhouse and find out about life in the Farmhouse through an active object handling session.

Full day, £6 per child

Spring on the Farm

Experience Victorian life on the farm. Meet the shepherd, hear about his busy spring and the lambs he looks after. Help the farmer’s wife with the spring cleaning and get the washing done in the washhouse. There’s also time to see the baby animals on the farm.

Full day, £6 per child

Life in the 1950s

Find out about ‘life within living memory’ as we prepare for our Coronation party. Help with the cooking in Cherry Tree Cottage and make sure that everything is spick and span. Buy ingredients from the Village Shop, play with 1950s toys and visit our 1950s room to see how life has changed.

Full day, £6 per child

    Food and Farming

    Find out where our food comes from with an active day on the farm and in the garden. Help the farmer with the work on our traditional farm, meet the animals and see how we grow wheat to make bread. Explore our cottage garden and enjoy a drama session all about growing plants.

    Full day, £6 per child

    The Three Little Pigs

    Huff and puff your way through the story of the three little pigs. Make your own pig or wolf from woodland materials, explore the Brick House and have a go at keeping it clean and tidy. Find out where animals live on the farm and build your own home of sticks or straw to keep the pigs safe and warm.      

    Full day, £6 per child

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