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Murder in the Workhouse

Become a detective for ‘Murder in the Workhouse’, an interactive murder mystery. 

It is 1873 and all is not well at Gressenhall Workhouse. Mr Richard Barker lies dead and Detective Lightfoot has been called to investigate the crime. Can you help him as he interviews the suspects and solve the murder in the workhouse?

Murder in the Workhouse is a series of six ten-minute films, where each film will introduce different suspects. We recommend you start at the beginning with Chapter 1. The revealing of the murderer occurs in Chapter 9.

This is a fun and engaging activity for age 10 and above. Although younger children can get involved with a bit of help from older siblings and parents.

To help you solve the question ‘who killed Mr Richard Barker?’, you will need the following.

A script is available to download if you wish to follow the dialogue with the short films. Please find these below.

  1. Script – Chapter 1
  2. Script – Chapter 2
  3. Script – Chapters 3 & 4
  4. Script – Chapters 5 & 6 
  5. Script – Chapters 7 & 8 

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