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Kick the Dust video transcript

00:00 1920’s style music 'Gypsy Blues by Paul Whiteman' plays 
00:01 ‘Kick the Dust’ logo appears on screen
00:06 Record scratches to stop sound
00:07 Upbeat modern music 'Review by ComaStudio' plays 
00:08 Two young girls take a sped up walk around a museum. They are white, one has short hair and the other long hair with a braid.
00:13 Stop motion graphic of cut out letters form, which read “What is Kick the Dust?”.
00:19 Adult woman, Rachel  is by a crafts table in an informal interview style. She is white,has brown hair and an olive top.
Rachel : “Kick the dust is a big heritage lottery funded project where we try to get young people aged 11 all the way up to 25 involved in our museums.”
00:23 Adult woman directs eight children around a crafts table. 
00:25 Close up behind the shoulder shot of two young men at painting.
00:28 Pan from left to right of eight young people and an adult woman from a workshop standing outside a white building with a blue door.
00:29 Photograph of an object handling workshop where six female participants stand around a table and look at the instructor who is holding a pottery sherd.
00:32 Participant’s self-tape begins. Savannah sits in front of a white wall with some decorations. Her comments continue as voice over.  
Savannah: “So if you are interested in the arts or working within the museum sector, an opportunity to figure out what you want to be in that.”
00:33 Zoom in on a gloomy morning landscape scene made with chalk.
00:34 Young man in an open workshop looks down at the painting.
00:36 Photograph of the outside gate and flag of the Museum of Great Yarmouth Life
00:37 Screen returns to Savannah for the end of her section. 
00:39 Clip of six students in uniform exploring a museum gallery. 
00:43 An adult man, Alex, stands in front of a multicoloured boat’s hull in an interview style. He wears a navy jumper with two lanyards and his hair tied away from his face. His comments continue as voiceover.
Alex: “So that could be learning about the history but then eventually designing and delivering and delivering on the front line almost the jobs that we are doing.” 
00:47 Four young participants stand in an underground level of a historic building wearing hi-viz, hard hats and safety glasses. They are accompanied by two staff also in protective wear.
00:49 The ‘Kick the Dust’ logo appears on screen with overlaying text just above reading “New Online/Work Experience/Programme from”.
00:49 Rachel D, a woman with blonde curly hair, talks about the work experience programme as voiceover. 
Rachel D: “Kick the Dust is a project using museum spaces to engage young people in projects and experiences which will help them to develop their personal skills and workplace skills” 
00:50 External shot of the ‘Ancient House Museum of Thetford Life’. The Building is in traditional Tudor/Jacobean style with the black and white timber frame and overhanging first floor. 
00:53 Five young people in casual clothes celebrate in a gallery space.
00:55 a rotated photograph of two young men dressed up in historical dress. The boy on the left points to the right at the other who drinks from a coffee cup.
00:57 a young boy stands to the right of a display case wearing a recreated outfit similar to the one in the case. 
00:58 Rachel D talks to the camera in an office space. The voiceover ends.
01:00 A recording of a zoom call, where participant, Melissa, with her camera off, talks. 
Melissa: “Not necessarily what Kick the Dust is, it's the people in it and what we make it.”
01:05 A painted animation of the ‘Kick the Dust’ logo appears.
01:10 Stop motion graphic of cut out letters form, which read “What have we created so far?”.
01:13 Kate, A young woman with short length brown hair in a light brown jacket, speaks outside a brick building.
Kate: “We our weekly projects and weekly workshops with young people where we give them the opportunity to work on the topic that they want to do.”
01:12 A multicolour animation of the ‘Kick the Dust’ logo appears with icons around it showing key parts of the scheme, like photography and neurodiversity.
01:24 A screenplay scrolls down a webpage on Egyptian items at the Lynn collection. Melissa talks in voiceover. 
Melissa: “We did an online exhibition on Ancient Egyptians, where Shannon made a really nice necklace”
01:32 Rachel D talks to the camera in an office space to introduce the ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ project.
Rachel D: “A really big project we did was ‘Nothing about Us Without Us’ so this project was about disability awareness using items from the collections to talk about the history of disability and attitudes to disability.” 
01:36 Pan down of a poster for the ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ exhibition.
01:42 Melissa describes her experience with recording for Southgate Museum. 
Melissa: “One of our first projects was we were asked us to do a film of Southgate for people who can’t get upstairs and we were trusted with filming, producing, putting it all together.”
01:43 excerpt from the live film of the upper storeys of the historic South Gate  in King’s Lynn.
01:55 photograph of 11 young people over an art collage at the National Saturday Club. Alex speaks as voiceover. 
Alex: “One of the projects I ran as a Youth Engagement Officer was called National Saturday Club. And this is supported by Kick the Dust, they make this happen.” 
02:05 Andrew sits in front of a blue and white wall in jeans and a hoodie, hat and glasses and shares their experience creating a war game. 
Andrew: “Essentially we did this Dungeons and Dragons type thing where we put historical armies and pit them against each other.”
02:11 Another participant, Skye, sits in their home office wearing glasses and a blue shirt and shares about her project on the land army. Her feedback is shared as voiceover. 
Skye: “I then posed a project which was really in line with my own personal preferences which led on to ‘Ploughing the fields with poetry’ which basically told the story of the Women’s Land Army.” 
02:15 snippets of a Skye’s film showing a photo album and sheep in a field.
02:25 A screenplay scrolls down a webpage on a digital exhibition called ‘Deal Justly With All’. An adult man, Jan, introduces the exhibition in voiceover. 
Jan: “We wanted to make sure all opportunities available to all young people, so we decided to take out face to face work experience and take it into an online group work experience program.” 
02:34 Stop motion graphic of cut out letters form, which read “What does/ Kick the Dust/ mean to you?”.
02:39 Self tape video from a work experience participant, Chiamaka, in a grey top. 
Chiamaka: “Hello my name is Chiamaka Onyenekwe, I’m Nigerian and I was part of the seventh cohort of Kick the Dust in 2021. It was a remarkable first time experience working within a group of younger people.” 
02:52 Savannah, in a black top, shares her experience of working with staff.
Savannah: “For me, Kick The Dust feels like a very personal experience, so they want you to know you as people.” 
03:00 Four participants of the Saturday club stand by the staircase, the second on the left, Millie, shares with the camera why she likes attending. 
Millie: “And you have to get up early on a Saturday and then you come home here, but you are kind of happy to be up early on a Saturday, because you get to come here, you get to see your friends, you get to do cool stuff and you get to meet cool people.” 
03:10 Skye continues her feedback.
Skye: “The amount of opportunities it has opened up to me has been amazing”
03:16 A zoom call between four participants and the young male in the top right, William, tells of his role within ‘Kick the Dust’. 
William: “I am currently the Kick the Dust curatorial trainee based at Lynn Museum.”
03:21 Returns to Andrew for a second focus on their interview. 
Andrew: “Cause I’ve always wanted to work within the museum service, so like joining Kick the Dust meant this is like my chance to get into one of my dream jobs.”  
03:28 A museum board encouraging visitors to “Sea/ History/ Differently”.
03:33 White screen with black text reads “Kick the Dust is funded by National Heritage Lottery Fund/ and is part of the Norfolk Museums Service youth engagement offer.”.
03:33 White screen with the logos for Heritage Fund, Kick the Dust, Creative Collections, YMCA and Norfolk Museums.
03:46 White screen with the text “Norfolk Museums Service is a partnership between Norfolk County Council and Norfolk’s District Councils, funded through council tax, earned income and grants.” at the top. Below the text are logos. From left to right, top to bottom: Norfolk Museums Service, Norfolk County Council, Heritage Fund, Arts Council England, Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, Breckland Council, Broadland District Council, North Norfolk District Council, Norwich City Council, South Norfolk Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council.
3:53 End of video.