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The Time Turners

Join the Time Turners and work on a range of projects that use the collections from Lynn Museum and Stories of Lynn to create new content and make a real difference to your local community. Come and meet us to find out how you can get involved. We have created online exhibitions, developed our own Egyptian board game and Escape Room and are looking to create a mural in King’s Lynn,

Past projects

In 2020, the Time Turners produced an online exhibition for Lynn Museum called Turning back time to Ancient Egyptians. We worked hard in lockdown to produce the text and select the objects for the exhibition. See the exhibition on Google Arts and Culture

Group members said:

“It made me proud to make something accessible to lots of people round the world from our ideas.”

“We used real objects, not replicas, and they were Egyptian – that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I think about the fact they actually belonged to the Ancient Egyptian period, 3000 years ago.”

We followed this up by designing a board game which we called A Trail of Trials, which has fortunes and curses to help or hinder the player’s journey to Duat (the Afterlife). Working alongside the museum curator, a film maker and a graphic designer from King’s Lynn Borough Council, we prepared our own challenges and linked these to the artefacts in the online exhibition. The game went out to 1800 families as part of Norfolk County Council’s Christmas packs, but most of all we enjoyed being able to play our game and learn more about the Egyptians in the process.

Sian Hogarth,  Ancient Egyptians actor and filmmaker, said “The board is a great design, with very attractive colours that give a sense of desert heat and dust. Very stylish, and it’s good to see the objects from the online exhibition being included.”

How to join

Email to join the group or to find out more about Kick the Dust.

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