Key stage 2

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Romans and Iceni Maritime Life: Captain Vancouver or Nelson?Seahenge and the Bronze Age | Floods and Flooding | Invaders and Settlers | Ancient Egyptians


Romans and Iceni

Half day, £3 per pupil

Find out about the Roman invasion. Meet a Roman solider and an Iceni warrior – whose side will you take? Handle real objects from the past and make an Iceni torc to take home.

Maritime Life: Captain Vancouver or Nelson?

Half day, £3 per pupil

Learn about King’s Lynn seagoing past. Choose from a menu of activities, including life on a whaling ship, meeting Captain Vancouver or life in Nelson’s Navy.

Seahenge and the Bronze Age

Half day, £3 per pupil

Investigate this unique Bronze Age wooden circle to find out more about Bronze Age Norfolk. Pupils will handle replica Bronze Age objects, meet costumed characters, use drama to explore the controversy surrounding the excavation of the circle and find out about the construction and conservation of Seahenge.

Floods and Flooding

Half day, £3 per pupil

In 1953 the river burst its banks and Lynn was flooded – could this happen again? Pupils will meet a costumed character to find out about the 1953 flood. They will calculate the social and financial cost of flood damage and use maps to identify key areas of flood risk. The activity involves accurate measuring, recording data and calculating averages, including looking at flood markers and defences along the quayside and calculating their effectiveness.

Invaders and Settlers

Half day, £3 per pupil

Find out about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in King’s Lynn. Handle real objects from the past, make your own Anglo-Saxon pot and try your hand at Viking weaving.

Ancient Egyptians

Half day, £3 per pupil

Handle real Ancient Egyptian artifacts and make your own scarab beetle or sarcophagus box to take home.