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25 June – 15 October 2022

This exhibition is based around Turner’s painting Walton Bridges of 1806, which was purchased by Norfolk Museums Service in 2019 and is the first oil painting by Turner to enter any public collection in Norfolk, Suffolk or Essex. We are celebrating its arrival by touring it to museums around East Anglia, introducing it to our region with a series of five exhibitions.

When the tour arrives at Lynn Museum in June 2022, the exhibition will have a particular focus on the artist’s use of water. Turner has always been especially admired as a painter of earth, air, fire and water, the ‘four elements’. Many other artists were also deeply inspired by the ways in which he captured these fundamentals of nature. This show compares how artists who either influenced Turner, or were influenced by him, portrayed the element of water, expressing the many moods of rivers, estuaries and the sea.

This painting was acquired due to the generous support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund, also the Art Fund and a private donor.