24 June 2017 - 9 June 2018

Shoes can be expressive. Shoes can be special. Shoes can be status symbols. Shoes can be works of art. Shoes can be magical. Shoes can be good luck charms.

Shoes! explores changes in footwear from the 13th century to the present day. The display draws upon the Lynn Museum’s collections of historic footwear with additional items from the Norfolk Museums Service costume and textile collections.

The examples on show include both everyday shoes from the past and more elaborate shoes made for special occasions.

There’s a spectacular Victorian pair of shoes, with definite ‘wow factor’. These were made with painstaking craftsmanship and decorated with miniature beads to commemorate the Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

Shoes and boots from the 20th century include a pair of shoes inspired by the Egyptomania craze of the 1920s that followed the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter of Swaffham.

Also on show is a more recent pair of 1960s white ‘Go Go’ boots and there are examples of the platform shoes fashionable in the 1970s.

The story is brought up to date with an insight into the technology that is a feature of modern sportswear.

The display includes illustrations and historical information together with several activities for children and families.