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England’s Second City

This beautiful gallery explores how in 1700 Norwich was England’s second city, larger and more prosperous than its medieval counterparts Bristol, York, Newcastle and Exeter.  

This gallery is split into 3 different spaces. 

The first space with the large glass showcase explores religious, civic and political life in Norwich. Collections include a magnificent medieval door frame, parliamentary chair and sedan chair from Opie Street.  

The second space is displayed as a recreated 18th century coffee house, with a chance for you to look at replica archival documents and try out fashionable wigs of the time.

The third space focuses on the city’s early textile industry and features some of the museum’s world famous pattern books and a skirt made from Norwich-made cloth.

Changing City

This fine gallery, with its striking fireplace, charts the city’s fortunes through time.  

Check out the interactive chest of drawers filled with objects to see, touch and smell and ponder the archive maps that show how the city has changed.  

In the stairwell, marvel at a magnificent collection of paintings from Norwich Castle’s fine art collection.