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Our City (1900 – present day)

Life in Norwich: Our City 1900 - 1945 

Explore what life was like in Norwich in the first part of the 20th century.  

This era was one of great change, with Norwich citizen’s coping with two world wars and the hardship caused by the Great Depression.  

Listen to memories from local lady Ethel George and see archive film in our own recreated cinema area.  

Collection highlights include the Vine Bar, countless trade signs and Spitfire Cottage, a model house made by firewatchers during WW2. 

Life in Norwich: Our City 1945 Onwards  

Discover what life was like for people in post-war Norwich.  

Displays cover themes such as the growth of council estates, growing up in the city and how local people enjoyed time outside of work.  

Collection highlights include a speedway bike, a model of The Nest football ground and clothes from the 1960s.  

Hang out in our retro listening booth, pose with Captain Canary and relax in our own recreated 1950s living room.