Key Stage 1

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Life in a CastleNorwich Castle: Palace, Prison and PeculiaritiesMeet Florence Nightingale | A Dragon’s TaleLiteracy Workshop Art and Design Workshop


Immersive events which take place in different locations, include a range of activities, and involve meeting characters from the past. 10am – 12 noon, £3.50 per pupil.

Life in a Castle KS1

Investigate what it was like to live in a medieval castle. Discover similarities and differences with living in our homes today by meeting costumed characters, handling historical objects and making your own pennant to keep.

Norwich Castle: Palace, Prison and Peculiarities

See the special exhibition The Square Box on the Hill and explore the history and future of Norwich Castle.  Linked to the National Curriculum 2014 History Programme of Study: a study of an aspect of history or a site dating from a period beyond 1066 that is significant in the locality.

Available 10 February 2018 to 3 June 2018

Meet Florence Nightingale KS1

Learn about Florence Nightingale’s life, discover objects she might have used and make a traditional lamp like the one she used for her night-time rounds.

A Dragon’s Tale KS1/ Lower KS2 Literacy

Can the cowardly knight convince the king that he is brave enough to marry his daughter? Help him to invent a tale of bravado in which he slays a fearsome beast.

Teacher resources to support Dragon's Tale:


Top tip: Book one or more workshops to complement and enhance your teacher-led visit.

Literacy KS1

2 hours, £3 per pupil

  • Every Picture Tells a Story KS1 - Use paintings to write the beginning of a story and develop vocabulary in an adventurous and creative way.
  • Magical Creatures KS1 and 2 - Have you met the Hippostricow or the Chickamungus? Use our collections to combine features of beasts and birds and create a curious magical character description.
  • Poetry from Pictures KS1 and 2 -  Write poems inspired by paintings, generate creative ideas and explore ways to develop language through art.
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Art and Design KS1 and 2

1.5 hours, £3 per pupil

  • All that Glitters KS1 - Create a shimmering transparent piece of art inspired by the beautiful objects in our Decorative Art Galleries.
  • Look at Me! Portraits in Focus KS1 and 2 - Investigate portraits, learn about poise, facial expressions and enjoy fun practical activities.
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