Key Stage 2

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Norwich Castle is undergoing some exciting changes!  As part of the Norwich Castle: Gateway to Medieval England project, the Castle Keep is being redeveloped to restore it to its previous incarnation as a Norman royal palace.

The work will take place from summer 2019 to late 2020, during which the Castle Keep will be closed.  The rest of the museum will be open on a phased basis.

Please be aware that events which use the Castle Keep may not be available or may be adapted to use different spaces in the museum during this period.

A Day with the Romans and IceniA Day with the EgyptiansA Day with the Anglo-Saxons and VikingsThe Mystery of PrehistoryMarvellous Medieval MathsCrime and Punishment | Missing TreasureHistory WorkshopArt and Design Workshop


Immersive events which take place in different locations, include a range of activities, and involve meeting characters from the past.

10am – 2pm, £5 per pupil (unless otherwise stated).

A Day with the Romans and Iceni

It is twenty years after Boudicca’s revolt (AD60). The Romans have settled in Norfolk, bringing with them their own culture and rules. The original settlers, the Iceni, feel they have suffered at the hands of the Roman army, and that their way of life has been forever changed. Meet Roman and Iceni characters to learn about the conflict and contrasting cultures.

The Norfolk Archaeological Trust run school visits to the heart of Romano-British Norfolk, Venta Icenorum, or as we know it today, Caistor Roman Town. Just 4 miles from Norwich this is the perfect partner to the Castle Museum's Romans and Iceni programme. More information can be found here

A Day with the Egyptians

A team of Egyptologists have recently discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen and want to share their exciting finds with the world. However, not everyone feels that uncovering the treasured tombs of the dead is such a good idea. Meet different characters and discuss their points of view.

A Day with the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

What was life like in Anglo-Saxon and Viking times and how do we know about it? Meet costumed characters mourning the death of Thurweald, an Anglo-Saxon warrior. What objects, stories and possessions should travel with him into the afterlife?

The Mystery of Prehistory

Meet an archaeologist and use history detective skills to explore genuine Neolithic tools. Learn about daily life 6000 years ago and meet a Neolithic costumed character. The day includes a chance to see stunning Iron Age objects in the Boudica Gallery.

Marvellous Medieval Maths

Important guests are coming for a feast, and the household is frantically trying to prepare. Help four characters solve their problems using mathematics - numbers, statistics, geometry, and measuring skills.

Crime and Punishment

Investigate crime and punishment from the Anglo-Saxons to the present. Meet a character based on a real-life prisoner and learn about Norwich Castle’s years as a prison. Go down into the dank dungeons and tour the historic courtroom. Develop your crime scene investigation skills to help solve a crime.

Medieval Christmas

Join in the preparations for a medieval Christmas as we travel back to the year 1121. Meet costumed characters and celebrate the festive season medieval-style. Get to grips with crafts, dance, storytelling and arms and armour. A perfect historical end-of-term celebration and learning opportunity.

Missing Treasure (literacy)

2 hours, £4 per pupil

A precious object has gone missing from the museum. Learn how to be a newspaper reporter – interview key witnesses, research the incident and produce an informative report.



30-45 minutes, £2.50 per pupil.

  • Egyptians, Romans, Anglo Saxon & Vikings, or Medieval Life: Handle real and replica objects and learn about life in the past.
  • Digging & Dustbins: Have a go at being archaeologists, ‘dig up’ objects from sand trays, record finds, and look at what people’s rubbish tells us about the past.
  • First World War Workshops: Handle authentic and replica soldiers’ and nurses’ uniforms and equipment. Read their letters and original documents unique to the Norfolk Royal Regiment.

Art and Design

1.5 hours, £3 per pupil.

  • Look at me! Portraits in focus KS1 & 2: Investigate portraits, learn about pose, facial expressions and enjoy practical activities.
  • Looking at Landscapes KS2: Be inspired by our collection of landscapes. Explore seascapes, rural, and urban scenes and create your own piece of landscape art.