Key Stage 3

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Storming the Castle William I: Hero or Villain? Crime and Punishment SlaveryThe Changing Face of NorwichFirst World WarDungeons, Battlements or Historic Courtroom Tours


Immersive events which take place in different locations, include a range of activities, and involve meeting characters from the past. 10am – 2pm, £5 per pupil (unless otherwise stated).

Storming the Castle: a Maths and History investigation

Work with medieval costumed characters to solve a real-life problem. Devise the best ways to attack and defend the Castle using maths skills (estimating, measuring, costs and coinage, weights and measures).

William I: Hero or Villain?

Investigate both sides of the Norman Conquest, which changed Saxon Norwich forever. Tour the castle, analyse the Domesday Book, examine Norman and Saxon weapons, war tactics, and attitudes to crime and punishment.

Crime and Punishment

Experience the dungeons, visit the Prison Stories Gallery and discover the Castle’s 650-year history as a gaol. See where trials took place, follow the footsteps of prisoners down the spiral staircase and walk through the tunnel to the historic Shirehall courtroom.


A drama-based day which explores the Atlantic slave trade and Norfolk’s part in it. Meet costumed characters and hear arguments from the 19th Century, for and against slavery. Includes a document session with Norfolk Record Office.

The Changing Face of Norwich: a Geography investigation with History and Religious Education

A proposal has been made to develop the site of a disused medieval church in the city. Consider the different viewpoints of a town planner, a rescue archaeologist and a Medieval monk before making a recommendation to the planning enquiry.

First World War

Handle authentic and replica soldiers’ and nurses’ uniforms and equipment. Read their letters and original documents unique to the Norfolk Royal Regiment. Visit our historic courtroom to take part in the re-enactment of a tribunal of a local resident who refused to fight.


Dungeons, Battlements or Historic Courtroom

30-40 minutes, choose one or more. £2.50 per pupil, max 15 per tour.  Dates on request.