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KS2 Marvellous Medieval Maths

Essential information

Maximum group size 60, £5 per pupil, 10am until 2pm, minimum fee £200

The event

Important noble guests are visiting the Castle for a feast and the staff are hurrying to get ready! Help the household to solve mathematical problems as part of their preparations and use maths skills in a variety of historical situations. Put your maths skills—including measures, geometry, statistics and number—to the test. Plus sort, handle and discuss real museum objects.

Calculate costs for a feast, design symmetrical banners with a weaver, and use estimating and measuring skills to plan decorations for the Castle Keep.

Aims and learning outcomes

  • To give an opportunity for children to apply maths skills outside the classroom
  • To solve problems within a context.
  • To develop pupils’ ability to work collaboratively to solve problems.
  • To practise and reinforce statistics, geometry and number.

How to book

Advance booking is essential. To book, please call 01603 493636 or email