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Virtual museums events for schools

It’s not always possible to make it to the museum so why not book a virtual museum event? Let us bring learning to life to inspire your pupils with one of our virtual events. Each event offers one or more films exploring the topic and includes curriculum-relevant information along with museum-specific content. We're starting with alternatives to some of our most popular events, and we hope you enjoy them!

View the primary programme trailer.

Meet costumed characters, explore objects from our collections, join in with historical discussions and debates, and take a peek into the museum from your classroom! For £75 per event (unless otherwise stated), you and your students can watch your chosen film(s) in the classroom throughout the school year.

If you can't find an event that matches your topic, do contact us to see if we're able to tailor activities to support your needs.

Each event includes:

  • One or more videos on your selected topic
  • Teachers’ pack to support the video(s), including video overviews and transcriptions, suggested lesson plans and cross-curricular activities
  • Up to two 30-minute Ask the Expert Q&A livestreams with members of museum staff. Alternatively, we can answer questions by email. (For EYFS the Q&A session will be adapted to a more suitable format). Each livestream can accommodate up to 30 children. If you have more than 60 students, you can purchase additional livestreams at £35 for up to two.

Virtual events

EYFS Virtual Rags’ Art Adventure - Booking now

Find Rags the lost dog in a search around our art galleries with songs, games and crafts. Journey through the paintings, ask farmers and fishermen along the way and use rhyme and role play as you look for Rags!

KS1 Virtual Life in a Castle - Booking now

It’s the 13th century and the Castle is undergoing exciting renovations! The residents of the Castle are preparing for a large tournament that will be held to celebrate the building reopening. This option includes two films featuring two costumed characters. One film is a storytelling session, and the other explores period objects and looks at what life was like in a medieval castle. The films include talking points for discussion with your class.

KS1 and 2 Virtual The Journey of Chocolate - Booking now

Find out about the story of chocolate and chocolate production from the Maya all the way to the sweet factories of Norwich in the 20th century. This package includes a stop-motion animation as well as a video in which our intrepid time-traveller explores the history of chocolate with help from a few friends - including a 16th century privateer!

KS2 Virtual Ancient Egypt: Discovery and Debate - Booking now

A 19th-century archaeologist has uncovered the tomb of the High Priest Ankh Hor and wants to share their exciting finds with the world. However, not everyone feels that uncovering the treasured tombs of the dead is such a good idea. This option includes two films. You’ll meet the archaeologist, who’ll show you Egyptian objects from 3,000 years ago, and a modern-day conservator, who’ll take you through the process of mummification and reveal what life was like in Ancient Egypt. You’ll also be able to see a brand-new stop-motion animation created especially for this virtual event. There’ll be talking points for your class to discuss and debate during the films.

KS2 Virtual Romans and Iceni: Culture Clash - Booking now

It is AD80, around 20 years after Boudica’s revolt, and the Romans have taken control of Norfolk. The original settlers, the Iceni, feel they have suffered terribly at the hands of the Romans and that the Iceni way of life has been forever changed. Meet Roman and Iceni characters to learn about the conflict and their contrasting cultures. This option includes three films, in which you’ll meet a Roman soldier, a Roman citizen and a member of the Iceni tribe. Explore Roman weapons, armour, and other objects, and uncover Iceni treasures of the museum. There’ll be talking points for your class to discuss and debate during the films. Whose side are you on?

KS2 Virtual Anglo-Saxons and Vikings: Uncovering the Past - Booking now

Find out what life in Norfolk was like over 1,000 years ago by uncovering what the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings left behind. There’ll be talking points for your class to discuss and debate during the films. This option includes two brand new videos (storytelling and a look at the Castle’s Anglo-Saxon and Viking gallery) alongside the Visit from a Viking Trader film.

KS4 Virtual Historic Environment - Booking now - Free event

Improve and expand your understanding of Norwich Castle as a historical site. This option includes the following films: Museum Highlights tour, Castle Keep tour, and a Gaol, Prison Buildings and Prisoners’ Tunnel tour. You can find resources and supporting information on our website.

This event is free thanks to Moving IT On funding from Festival Bridge.

Information, enquiries and bookings

If you’d like to book one of our virtual events, please call 01603 493636 or email, and have the following information to hand:

  • The name and postcode of your school
  • The number of students you’d like to participate
  • Their year group(s)
  • The event you’d like

Once you book, you’ll be sent a link which will give you access to the film(s) for the school year. You’ll also receive a teachers’ pack with additional information, including a guide to the film(s). Please contact us to book a date and time for the Ask the Expert option. As the topics are broad, we'll generally ask you to submit your class's questions a few days in advance. You can also find free resources for many of our events on our website. 

We’ll send you an invoice or request the payment by journal transfer. Please note that once you’ve received the link, the charge is non-refundable. We’d ask that you don’t share the link with anyone else.