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Natural history

The Natural History Gallery shows a rich kaleidoscope of specimens, and focuses on the collectors, curators and other specialists who brought these outstanding collections together.

Mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, insect and plant specimens are all on display, alongside geology, fossils and scientific equipment, both historical and modern, used in the study of the natural world.

Come and see timeless favourites, such as the enormous and imposing polar bear, the Fountaine-Neimy collection of butterflies and a rare specimen of the extinct great auk.

Look for the hidden jokes, the lizard with the wooden leg and the aptly named bum nut!

The bird gallery contains examples of nearly every species found in Britain, most of which date from the 19th century. Like a 3D bird book, it groups specimens by bird family, providing a fascinating overview of our rich native bird population.

Only a small percentage of the Natural History collections are actually on display. Most are kept in stores where they are protected from dust, light and pests. You can see more at the Norwich Castle Study Centre by appointment. Email us to arrange a visit.

Visit the Norfolk Museums Collections website to search our collections.