Viking: Rediscover the Legend


9 February 2019 – 8 September 2019


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Mon – Sat: 10am – 4.30pm 
Sun: 1 – 4.30pm 

9 February 2019 – 8 September 2019

Viking: Rediscover the Legend explores the extent to which Viking culture transformed life in Britain, Using new research and discoveries by archaeologists and metal-detectorists.

The exhibition focusses on the 9th to 11th centuries, to illustrate how the Vikings re-shaped Britain’s political, economic, religious, social and artistic life and how Viking culture was transformed by 200 years of British contact.

A series of themed sections takes the visitor through the story of the Viking presence in England over 200 years.

The exhibition begins with Viking Homelands examining their life in Scandinavia.  Raiders and Invaders explores the Vikings’ motivations for expansion abroad and introduces the culture of the Viking warrior and the first raids on Britain.

Pre-Viking Britain looks at the complex patchwork of kingdoms, each with their own culture, which made up Anglo-Saxon England whilst Invaders to Settlers explores how Viking raiding parties began to settle and eventually created the area known as the ‘Danelaw’.

Transformation traces the cross fertilisation between Anglo-Saxon and Viking cultures whilst Legacy explores the demise of the Viking era.

Legend looks at the myths surrounding the Vikings, and Who Were the Vikings? concludes that Viking society was far more complex and fascinating than the popular image of the pillaging Scandinavian marauder.

Supplementing this main narrative, 50 objects will place the Vikings in an East Anglian context. Many are recent finds and are on display for the first time including a coin which proves the existence of a previously unknown Anglo Saxon king. The Hingham Hoard contains the largest hoard of King Edmund pennies ever found in the UK and a beautiful lozenge-style gold brooch, the first of its kind to be unearthed in the country.

Some of these finds feature in a new publication written by Dr Tim Pestell, Senior Curator of Archaeology at Norwich Castle, to accompany the exhibition – Viking Age East Anglia.

An Legend!extensive visitor events programme  provides families with an entertaining range of themed days, activities and crafts.

Exhibition tours

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  • Fourth Saturday of the month at 1pm (until August)
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