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Planning a visit with a child under 5? Here are some of the things we have at Norwich Castle to help you play and explore the galleries together!

(All these activities are included with the cost of museum entry).

Medieval Family Adventure Kits - New!

Created as part of Norwich Castle: Royal Palace Reborn, these kit bags contain a selection of items to add a little Medieval sparkle to your journey around the museum. You can borrow a bag from the Rotunda at the museum.

What’s inside?

  • A copy of 'I See a Family': a brand-new Medieval story book for Norwich
  • A ‘poppet’ doll:  a Medieval character who would love for you to show them around the galleries
  • A sensory item: a little something the Medieval poppet has brought with them to share with you and help you explore the galleries

Bucket toys

Choose some toys and pop them in a bucket. Take them with you and play as you explore the galleries! A great way to let your little ones take the lead. Who knows what you will discover together? Pick up a bucket from the Rotunda at Norwich Castle.

Natural History Gallery books

Take a few minutes to pause and share a story surrounded by animals in our Natural History Gallery. Find these books under the bench in the Natural History Gallery.

Image credits: Rose Feather

Activities for under 5s