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Get A Move On!

How does being in an art gallery really make you feel? Excited? Unsure?

Does looking at works of art make you feel like you don’t know ‘enough’?

As part of Creativity and Wellbeing week we’ve been exploring how we feel about things rather than what we know about them.

We’ve been thinking about our wellbeing.

We’ve been wondering how our everyday body language can tell us how we’re feeling, how important it is to be able to express ourselves and the role that movement can play as part of our self-expression.

Between You and Me

In this video artist Jo Hayes ‘meets’ a painting, John Crome’s Boulevard des Italiens and explores how he feels about it.

Could they have anything in common? Has the painting moved him?


Have a Go!

How does this painting make you feel? Can you relate to it? How could you express your feelings in movement?

Come and see our new exhibition A Passion for Landscape: Rediscovering John Crome (17 May – 5 September 2021).

Choose a painting to get to know and introduce yourself!

Credits: John Crome (1768-1821) Boulevard des Italiens, Paris 1815 oil on canvas

Norfolk Museums Service (Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery); NWHCM : 1935.1.1; David Gurney Collection

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