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EYFS, key stage 1 and 2

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PiratesSeaside Rocks!ExplorersTitanic: Honour and Glory Evacuee ExperienceFish Ahoy! Surviving the Stone Age Stone to IronRoman Conquest: Iceni Revolt | Saxons and VikingsEast Anglia in the Great War


Pirates (literacy)

Half day, £3.50 per pupil
Full day, £5 per pupil

Set sail for adventure in our literacy focused event that is guaranteed to inspire the imaginations of young writers!

Our infamous Time & Tide Pirate has been cornered by the nasty pirate hunter Admiral Cecil Smyth.  Time is running out as Smyth closes in on his prize.  Children will use all their cunning and imagination to help Kitty escape Cecil’s clutches and save the day!

Use our pre-visit Pirate Activities for the Classroom to help build the excitement for your trip - leave the rest to us! Yarrr!

Seaside Rocks!

Half day, £3.50 per pupil
Full day, £5 per pupil

Pupils travel back in time to discover the delights of seaside holidays in the past! From promenading with a Victorian holiday maker to strutting their stuff with 1960s mods and rockers, this interactive event is sure to bring this fun topic to life for your pupils. And of course, no seaside day out is complete without a traditional Punch and Judy show!  

Explorers (literacy)

Half day, £3.50 per pupil
Full day, £5 per pupil

Ida Flower has just returned to Great Yarmouth following a gruelling two year exploration of far off lands unknown. She has brought back exciting artefacts as evidence of her adventures but no-one believes she is a real explorer. Why?

Pupils work with Ida and her friends to prove what it actually takes to make a great explorer: Bravery, Curiosity, Observation and Respect!

Pre-visit Exploration Activities for the Classroom

Titanic: Honour and Glory

Half day, £3.50 per pupil

Pupils step back in time to become real passengers aboard the HMS Titanic!

Pupils will meet Lady Strauss and her maid Ellen to see whether they have the grace and style to become First Class passengers!

Meet able seaman John Anderson to experience life as a White Star Line Crew member and try your hand at the latest technology: Morse Code.

Finally, pupils will help renowned journalist Helen Candee to snoop in passenger’s luggage for hidden secrets. A brilliant event that is certain to get your pupils writing!

‘An amazing experience full of interactive tasks and support. The staff were fantastic and really brought the history to life. Best experience ever!’ – Teacher at Alderman Swindell

Pre-visit shipwreck activities for the classroom

Evacuee Experience

Full day, £5 per pupil

Travel back to 1941 when Great Yarmouth was in the thick of the action as a ‘front line town’. Discover how the war affected people on the home front and meet an ARP warden, housewife, shopkeeper and Home Guard soldier. Find out how to stay safe in an air raid and take cover in our Morrison shelter. Try on gas masks, tackle a German tank, count your rations in our wartime shop and learn how to ‘make-do and mend.

Fish Ahoy!

Half day, £3.50 per pupil

Visit this former fish curing factory to find out why Great Yarmouth was once the biggest herring fishing port in the world. Handle artefacts, try on costumes and take part in role play activities to investigate the lives of fishermen and gutting girls. You can also make a day of it by visiting the Lydia Eva, the last surviving steam herring drifter.

Key stage 2 only

Surviving the Stone Age

Full day, £5 per pupil

Do your pupils have what it takes to survive the Stone Age?  Let’s find out!  Turn your pupils into professional time travellers as they power up our resident time machine: The Curator! (see video below).

From building a Mesolithic shelter before a storm arrives, to tracking, hunting and dissecting a full sized deer with our hunter-gatherer, pupils will be totally immersed in this incredible learning experience.

“No-one else is doing school workshops like this!” – Teacher at Ditchingham Primary School

Stone to Iron

Full day, £5 per pupil

We kick our pre-history event off with a real bang as pupils are turned into time travellers via our resident time machine: The Curator! (see video below).

Pupils meet costumed characters who use artefacts, drama and top quality resources to bring this fascinating topic to life for your pupils.  These interactive sessions will enable pupils to track the evolution of humans, from hunter-gatherers to tribal communities.

We promise that they will still be talking about this experience come the end of the school year!

Roman Conquest: Iceni Revolt

Full day, £5 per pupil

Children will find themselves at the heart of a rebellion as they plot to help the local Iceni tribe rise up against the Romans.

From training to be soldiers with their own swords & shields to exploring our Roman villa, this event is guaranteed to have your pupils excited to learn more when they get back to the classroom. 

Teachers, you will even get to throw sponges at your pupils as they hide under their shields; what's there not to like?

‘The best Roman workshop we have ever been to.’ – Teacher at Cobholm Primary Academy

Saxons and Vikings

Full day event, £5 per pupil

Children are transported back to the 9th Century as the Viking tribe people are preparing to send one of their fallen warriors to Valhalla via a burning ship.

Pupils spend the day with Saxons and Vikings as they prepare for the extraordinary send off. From making beautiful Saxon brooches to becoming a Viking warrior, this interactive event is perfect for any KS2 teacher looking to get their pupils excited about this incredible part of their local history!

‘It was a very engaging, exciting afternoon so thank you all very much.’ – Teacher at Edward Worlledge Primary

East Anglia in the Great War

Full day, £5 per pupil

Find out what life was like in Great Yarmouth during the Great War. Handle trench objects with aWW1 soldier and assist our front line nurse. Meet the intriguing Cadbury, a pilot stationed at Great Yarmouth and see if you have what it takes to be a pilot.

Jointly offered with St George's Theatre in Great Yarmouth pupils will walk between the two sites enabling them to visit the site of the first Zeppelin raid in England, Great Yarmouth 1915. Find out about the terrifying impact on the town.

Discovery Polar Explorers

Half day £3.50 per pupil

Join us in 1908 to Prepare, Discover and Record for a Polar expedition.

Meet costumed characters who will share their wisdom and knowledge of Robert Falcon Scott and his crew based on the 1901 Discovery expedition.

Pupils will get involved with hands on fun activities and learn about the difficulties of surviving in such a harsh climate before finally deciding whether they should fund further exploration.

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