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Key stages 3 and 4

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East Anglia in the Great War

Full day, £5 per pupil

The Time and Tide Museum is pleased to present its new and exciting KS3 and KS4 workshop: East Anglia in the Great War. This high energy, interactive event has been tailor made to engage and excite high school pupils about their local history. Delivered by professional actors and museum educators, pupils are able to live the history themselves as they meet various characters whom contributed to the War effort:

Major Bertie Cadbury

Part of the famous chocolate making family, Bertie became known as ‘Zeppelin Killer’ after downing a number of the German airships over Great Yarmouth. Bertie is a typical WWI pilot: loud, slightly crazy and overly confident, and he needs new volunteers to get up on the saddle and take to the skies (for an average of 20 minutes before being shot down). Bertie will test whether your pupils are quick, posh and crazy enough to make it as a WWI pilot; they won’t forget him in a hurry!

Joint offer with St George's Theatre, Great Yarmouth. Pupils walk between the two sites and visit the site of the first Zeppelin raid on England, Great Yarmouth 1915.

Nurse Barclay

Lady Barclay has given up the comfort of her family’s country home to help on the wards, rehabilitating injured soldiers back to full health. But she can’t do it all on her own! Pupils will be put through their paces as they clean dirty bed pans (coffee and oats. for dramatic effect), perform live surgery on a soldier’s brain and identify medical objects.

Lieutenant Taylor

Pupils will go down to our re-created trench to get a real feel for the conditions young soldiers faced on the frontline. This atmospheric session allows pupils to handle and try on a real WWI soldier’s kit, including rifle, helmets and boots. The smells, sounds and sights are all designed to bring the experience to life.

We can take 60 pupils at a time for 2 hours. Get in touch today to enquire about travel bursaries and discount rates.

‘I really enjoyed doing the activities with the actors. It was so much fun and I learned a lot doing it too.’ – Cliff Park High Pupil, Year 10.

‘It was a really fun way to learn! I loved flying the plane and getting my hands on real objects from the War.’ – Benjamin Britten High Pupil. Year 9.

  • Quality Badge awarded by Council for Learning Outside the Classroom